Can I get into the legacy BIOS on Toshiba C55-C5241?


Jun 9, 2016
I've been trying to increase the dedicated vRam for my IntelHD card, which supposedly can be done in the bios, but when i go to my "bios/uefi" it's a Toshiba Setup Utility. I've figured out that I can load CSM mode, but i think that's just for external devices but that means i'm getting closer. There's gotta be a way in here, can ya'll help or nah?

Windows 10 (yeah, i know it's trash i wanna go back to vista or 7 probably.)
Toshiba Satelite C55-C5241.
8gb Ram
4gb Video card, 128mb dedicated, 4053mb shared, 0mb system video memory.

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There is really no reason to need to do this. Is there a particular problem you are trying to solve?

Your Intel 5500 integrated GPU once running out of dedicated video ram, will roll over to the 4gb shared system ram and use that as it needs automatically.

BTW Windows 10 is not trash, Vista is pretty trashy, although I did love 7, 10 is better in every way, not only that, your particular laptop was designed with 10 in mind and may not even have drivers for all its hardware for 7. Many people have run into this issue, specifically with laptops pre-shipped with Win 10.