Bluetooth Speaker With Headphone Jack?


Nov 11, 2013
I know this is already an odd question to be asking the community, but I'm in a weird situation of replacing my grandfathers ancient 900mhz wireless speakers and transmitter for his TV that just died after 16 years. My grandfather is about as foreign to technology as I am with speaking Latin, so simple is the name of the game.

Anyways, what I'm trying to accomplish is purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter, attach it to his usb port on the television, and run it to a bluetooth enabled speaker that ALSO has a headphone jack so he can listen to some of his television shows with his plug in headphones. I've tried looking around everywhere and I'm having a difficult time finding something, so if anyone knows of a, preferably single bluetooth speaker that has that capability, I'd be very grateful.
You won't be able to connect a BT transmitter to the USB port since the TV won't have drivers for it.
You should be able to connect a BT transmitter to the same connection that his old wireless transmitter was using.
If you can't find a combo speaker -headphone amp then use a BT transmitter that will pair with 2 devices
and use any BT speaker and BT headphone.
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