Question Bluetooth transmitters for tv’s

Dec 4, 2019
Hi everyone,
I’d like to get a Bluetooth transmitter for my TV but I’d like to know first if the Bluetooth ear pod and the TV speakers can work at the same time. Thanks for your help on this.
page 31 of the TV´s manual:
"Output select
Allows you to select what controls the audio output. Fixed: Sound via speaker is adjusted with VOL+/- on the remote control unit or VOL+/- on the TV. Sound via the AUDIO OUT terminal is not adjustable and outputs at a consistent level. Variable: Sound via the AUDIO OUT terminal is adjusted with VOL+/-on the remote control unit or VOL+/- on the TV. Sound via speaker is muted"

Not sure if it would work similar with the digital audio out port, but it´s possible to use both TV´s speakers and headphone at the same time by the audio out port.
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