Bookshelf speakers have lost their bass


Apr 6, 2014
Recently I took my Mission LX-3 speakers to a social gathering to be used for playing music. But after I took them home and used them again I instantly noticed a major lack in any kind of bass, in comparison to what they sounded like before the gathering. There is so physical damage on the speakers or the amplifier (Pyle PCA2), and I've rewired all the connections numerous times without any change in the sound. Not sure what to do as its unclear what could be causing this problem, and I would not want to spend lots of money on replacement speakers if they're not the problem. I'm also pretty sure that this is a hardware issue and not a software issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
If the speakers have biwire terminals connect the wires directly to the bottom terminals. Sometimes the jumpers that connect the two red plus and two black minus terminals come loose. That can happen when you move speakers around or just through vibration from the speakers playing.
Otherwise I will guess you blew the woofers. You can remove them from the cabinet and test them with a AAA or AA battery.
Connect the minus battery terminal to one of the speaker terminals. Tap the plus battery terminal to the other speaker terminal. If the speaker doesn't move it's toast.
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