BOOTMGR is missing (another Windows version disc available only)


Sep 2, 2016
Hi. I have Windows 10 installed in my computer. A few days ago I tried to resize my partitions and I messed up some configs... I made a mistake and put a partition (the one without OS) as my initializing partition. So when I restarted the computer, it showed up the error: "BOOTMGR is missing... press ctrl+alt+del to restart". Windows 10 won't boot.
It seems an easy fix, but the problem is that I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, so I just have the Windows 7 disc. Can I use this somehow to fix my problem? Using command prompt or something? I don't have another computer to download Windows 10 ISO and burn to DVD, just a netbook (without CD/DVD drive).

Thanks in advance.