Bose AM5 Speaker Need A/V receiver

Mark in Spain

Jan 14, 2014
I have a set of Bose Acoustimas AM5's that have been in storeage for the last 10 yrs, they are in excellent condition and I want to use them again in my place inSpain. I want to basically use them to watch HD Music concerts that i have on several USB sticks via my 42 led TV. I was looking to use an A/V receiver such as Pioneer VSX-528-K 5.1 will this pair up ok as I will only be using 2 channel stereo sound and will it be powerful enough to drive the speakers. They will be in a smallish oblong room about 25 ft long by 20 ft wide. Any help or ideas welcome. Thanks
It should work for you just fine. The Bose don't need a lot of power. Try not to use the bass boost though. Get a powered sub if you want more bass. Don't forget to go through the setup on the receiver, that way it will know you only have stereo fronts connected.
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