Review Bose QuietComfort 35 II vs. Sony WH-1000xM3: Face-Off

Nov 19, 2018
This is the only review that has the Bose as a better performer. I have to question the validity of this review because lets start with the colors listed. They are listed in reverse and the whole review is the polar opposite of every other review I have read. I take issue with the noise cancelling of the Bose being better. I have both sets of phones and the Sony is hands down the best.

Nov 19, 2018
this review is very questionable to me. Several reasons
1. the list of colors in the chart are opposite.
2. all top sites including audiophile sites say that Sony finally beat out Bose as the leader in noise cancellation.
3. this review contradicts all of the testing as far as battery life is concerned, Sony is better by far
4. the specs and points of each headphone is the opposite of the research available.

I have always been a trusted Toms reader and have taken his word as a top recommendation, this review brings credibility into question


Oct 28, 2015
I really wanted to like the Sonys but they were just too uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable, I'm talking about the suction/vacuum effect when you put them on. It's something to do with the noise cancellation. I had to sell my Sony 1000-XM2 because the air pressure sensation around my ears was too uncomfortable. I felt like I had to lift the earpads off my ears now and again to relieve the pressure.

I tried the new 1000-XM3 headphones and I did notice that they were more physically comfortable around the head (they felt less weighty and didn't seem to clamp as hard as the XM2's), but after a few minutes of testing I noticed the suction/vacuum effect was still too strong for me.

Go to a store and try the XM3s. Put them on, take them off, and repeat. When you lift the earpads off, you will probably notice the suction effect I'm talking about. For some people this does not seem to be an issue, but I personally found it uncomfortable for any decent length of time.

I swapped back and forth between the Sony XM3 and the Bose QC35 II, and every time I put the Bose on, I noticed it had much less of an air pressure effect and they were just overall more comfortable. So reluctantly, I decided not to go with the Sony XM3.


Dec 13, 2018
I completely disagree with this article. I've used both headphones. In reality, I wonder if the reviewer mixed the two up, as my conclusions are almost opposite!

Sony XM3
- Better ANC
- Lots of cool tech features
- Overwhelming bass (not in a good way)
- Overall sound signature is muffled

Bose QC35ii
- much more crisp/clear sound
- Excellent noise cancelling (just not as good as Sony)
- Limited tech features

Honestly, the sound quality of the Sony XM3 really turned me off. As for their advantage on quality of noise cancellation, that only matters if you want silence (no music). The second I played music through the QC35ii I couldn't hear a thing around me.
Dec 31, 2018
@WYNKOOP2000 I totally agree with you there. I have the Bose right now after breaking my Sony M3s, but my brother has a pair which gave me a fair head to head. The Bose, in my opinion, has the better sound quality, despite not having the codecs that Sony does such as LDAC.

In terms of ANC, they are very very close, but I'd say the Sony's take the trophy here. Battery is also 100% better on the Sony's with about a third extra play time. Tech features are another feature that the Sonys excel at too.

However, with all that said, I still prefer my recently purchased Bose QC35IIs as the sound is unrivalled. The Sony headphones are on the bassy side which muddy the experience for me, it doesn't sound natural like on the Bose. Also, the highs are too sharp on the Sonys and mids are always being drowned out by either the bass or highs to the extent that I felt like hearing some songs for the first time again on my Bose headphones.

Long story short:

Bose = sound QUALITY and good ANC

Sony = Even BETTER ANC, Better battery life and techy features


Dec 14, 2015
lol, the bose arent even Hi-Res certified (last time i checked) nor have LDAC allowing 990kbit with flac/uncompressed files.
and now one buys these for range on wireless. and most would prefer SQ over getting couple feet more.
not even talking about the fact the bose are done when they run out of juice, the sonys still work plugged in.

did you try the Xbass slider/EQ in app? i know they can sound proper with some tweaking.
sure they wont come close to sennheiser/beyerdynamics and the like that cost the same, but those dont have NC.