Question Brand New ASUS Laptop incredibly slow?

Aug 6, 2019

I've recently purchased an ASUS TUF GAMING FX504 SERIES laptop with the following spec:

Intel(R) Core i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30 GHZ 4 core
1TB HDD (I know HDD aren't as good as SDD bare with me)
Windows 10

It has a dedicated graphics card and is generally speaking a decent laptop.

I have had it no more than 24 hours when suddenly whilst using it things will start to freeze for example Google chrome whilst on Facebook. Sometimes it can run fine then suddenly it will be incredibly slowly. it'll take minutes to open up control panel or file explorer, also the laptop itself sounds like its about to take off its that loud.

on top of this my partner was playing SIMS 3 and it would barely run which I know isn't right as the spec means its capable of smooth running at high settings.

the laptop is less than two days old, there are zero start up programs except Norton ANTI VIRUS and I know there are no malicious viruses, Trojans, spyware etc. attached to it as its brand new and i have scanned.

for a £650 laptop that is barely 48 hours old with little to zero programmes installed I know this isn't normal but I dont know where to start

How can it run so incredibly slow suddenly whereas even Chrome freezes with nothing in the background?

Task Manager states 83 separate background processes but I dont know what they are so I dont want to start turning them off

please, any help would be sorely appreciated