Brand new Iphone 5C went black, no buttons showing


Nov 19, 2011
My father brought me an IPhon5 5C 16GB. It was used for the first time today and it was working fine. However, because he brought it from overseas, I was trying to change the country and it wasn't working. Therefore, I read online that maybe if I reseted it (pressing the lock and home button for 10 seconds) it might work.

Well I did and nothing changed. So I stopped and put it on my table. Then I put it to charge on my Macbook 13' 2010 (with latest iOS and latest Itunes and the Iphone iOS is 7.0.4. when I picked it up again...the screen was black. It was turned on, with some dim light, but black. When I plug it on Macbook it recognizes and syncs but no button, no icon shows. It's working but the screen shows nothing.

I've read online that other people went through the same issue but couldn't find a solution. Anyone??? It's brand new, can't understand what happened.


Feb 6, 2014
looks like you're in recovery mode, try to hold the power button for couple seconds, if nothing happened press the lock and home button for 10 seconds then release, wait for 5 seconds and then hold the power button for couple seconds.

The device should turn on now, if not visit any Apple Store or Apple reseller.

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