Buying a $3000AU and under gaming Laptop


Jul 28, 2017
Hi guy's need some help I'm looking at getting a gaming laptop for around $3000 AU or less. I live in Australia. I'm looking for spec's like as follows:
Gtx 1070, 275gb or 525GB SSD, 2TB hard drive. 15.6 inch or 17.3 inch not sure what would be better screen as I don't think I will be moving it as much. Also looking for 120hz g-sync monitor or I might go for a 75hz one. Also a Intel Core i7 7700HQ or higher. I looked at metabox which is an Aussie company but I'm not sure if I trust that brand. Not sure how 17.3 inch compared to a 15.6. So if anyone can help with recommendations that would be greatly appreciated thanks.