Buying a gaming Laptop


Apr 3, 2014
Yes im afraid another one of these topics.
Basically im a student at university in the uk and i need a laptop that can game and do some video editing, i have a budget of £800 and will want to play games such as Dayz, rust at around high setting and newer released games around medium to low settings, i want around 8gb of ram and would prefer a Nvidia 850 graphic card but am still debating between a i5 or i7 as im not sure if an i7 is essential, the only company i would like to avoid is lenovo, even though they seem like favorites at this price range.
Im not to concerned about weight but would prefer a HD screen, so is this possible on my budget. and what are some trusted site for the uk.


Sep 18, 2013
Sorry to say this but the Lenovo y510p is the best gaming laptop for it's money. In USA, and if you are a student, you can purchase one for 800 US Dollars, don't know the exchange rate for british pounds, but you get a i7 4700mq processor with 2 geforce gt750 or 755 in SLI. You can't beat that and once you swap out the HDD for an SSD, you can pretty much run all games on Ultra with little loading. Good luck~

This was true until February-March of this year - now it is wrong. Furthermore the UK is completely different to the US for this sort of thing.

right now the best price for a custom spec gaming laptop is -
my advice is to wait until the 8th of april - that's when the new clevo chassis are received by pcspecialist - with these new chassis, the Optimus V series (there's a 13.3", 15.6" and 17.3" - all with 1920x1080 and backlit keyboards) will be able to be configured with a GTX 860M - which is better than the 750M SLI - but 1% worse than the 755M SLI (the 755M SLI costs near £1000) - this will tide you over for uni. They can also be configured for an I5 or I7, and a whole other host of options.
if that configuration is too expensive even for a budget stretch then pick the cosmos series and select the gtx 850M - it'll play what you want at the settings you want, but the 860M can go much further.

the minimum price for a lenovo y510p in Britain is 1000 - you cannot import one for £800 either.


Apr 2, 2014

don't the latest y510p's come with the 24gb ssd?


Jun 28, 2008
The y510p is the way to go. Definatley the best bang for your buck for gaming. You just have to get past the fact that it's way too big, bulky, and the design is pretty gross.

I mean that is simply wrong for the UK
could people stop posting the lenovo y510p as the end all be all budget-ish laptop without even taking notice of the posters situation.