Buying a used laptop to replace my current pc?


Aug 1, 2017
So I'm about to buy a used laptop to use for studying and leisure time (i might play some games but nothing new gen or too demanding so it is not top prioroty). I'm going to be away from home so a stationary computer is not an option.
My current PC's specs are Intel core i3-2100 quad core 3.1Ghz/ NVIDIA GeForce GT 430/ 4GB RAM
The laptop I'm going to buy has Intel core i7-4500U dual core 1.8Ghz that can turbo boost up to 3.0Ghz/ Radeon 8850M/ 8GB RAM.
Most of the specs truly seem superior but my noob mind got kind of suspicious about the processor. It has a lower frequency and less cores. I googled about that stuff for a bit but can't really make a decision. This laptop is the best I could currently afford (even though it's not expensive at all) so would it be an upgrade?