buying gaming laptop. need help.

May 31, 2018
i'm from egypt and shipping a laptop from amazon costs around 140$-220$
so a 650$ laptop cost me 800$ absolutely
i found 2 used laptop in my country
1- acer-aspire-a715-71g
cpu: i7 7700hq
gpu : gtx 1050 ti
ram: 8gb ddr4
price : 793$
and the seller pulled out the (ssd) and told me if u want it u should pay additional 40$
total price: 833$

2-Msi G72 6QD
Cpu: i7 6700hq
gpu: gtx 1060 3gb
ram: 8gb ddr4
there is no ssd
price : 741 $

should i buy one of them or wait for a better deal
my limitation is 800$
so if there is better used laptop in amazon with 650$ or lower i can afford it

i could buy one for 700$ (850$ with shipping) but amazon currency exchanger take additional 5.2% from the total price of laptop and shipping so the final price will be 895$ which i cann't afford
1 $ = 18.91 egp (in amazon)
1 $ = 17.91 egp (in other banks)
my limitation is 15,000 egp = 793.25 $ (amazon)
=837.5 $ (other banks)




Not sure what you mean it's a 970 upgraded, you listed the specs as a GTX 1060, nothing about a 970. We don't know anything aside from what you put in the post.

To know if there are issues or not, turn it on and test it. Run Prime95 to make sure there are not heat issues or CPU/RAM issues, run 3DMark and a few games to test the video card.
May 31, 2018
sorry i didn't type that in the post because i knew that in a day after posting.
the laptop was with gtx 970m 3gb but he bought gtx 1060 3gb MXM for it
and i'm confused from gaming with only 3gb vram
and thanks for helping
i might wait for nice deal within black friday
really i'm confused