Buzzing noise from speakers when connected to monitor, but not PC


Jul 13, 2012
So I have an Asus HD monitor that I'm using for both my PC and now my PS3 (I have to switch out the hdmi cables when I want to use the other device). The Monitor doesn't have any speakers so when I need audio for my PS3 I have to plug in the speakers into the monitor via a 3.5mm jack. The speakers are just plugged into my sound card when I need it for my PC.

The weird thing is that when I have the speakers plugged into the monitor I keep hearing a buzzing noise from the speakers. This never happens when it's just plugged into the PC though. I don't have another set of speakers, but I've plugged in multiple pairs of headphones into the monitor and didn't heard the buzzing noise which confuses me.

If anybody has any idea of what might be the problem I would be grateful.

EDIT: I just plugged the speakers into the monitor while the PC was connected to the monitor. No sign of the buzzing noise. So I guess it's not the monitor and something to do with the PS3 or the hdmi cable I'm using for the PS3.


Oct 29, 2010

Can you tell what was your setup and what you changed?
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