Question Buzzing noise when playing games

Sep 12, 2019
I build my first PC and it booted on the first try :D However, the happiness didn't last long because there was a constant buzzing noise from my monitor speakers whenever I started playing a game. The sound comes from the PC and transfers it to the monitors but I'm not sure where exactly the sound is coming from. I'm using the 3.5mm cable.
There are no audio problems when I'm on YT or watching series.

What I tried:
  • Installed the latest audio and chipset driver
  • Changed the Settings in Realtek Audio Manager to 16Bit 48000Hz (Default was 24Bit 48000Hz)
  • Used another PCIe slot for the graphics card
  • tried the front audio input & headphones
  • routed the audio and video cable seperately
  • both PC and monitor are in the same electrical circuit
Are there more things I could try without spending money?

I'm going to buy a new cable and a current filter and if that's not working,I'm gonna try a soundcard or return stuff.

Thanks in advance :D

My build is:
Ryzen 7 1700
Asus Prime X370 Pro
16GB Corsair RAM
Red Devil Radeon RX 580
Corsair CX550M
Dec 31, 2019
Check all grounds. Is everything plugged into same outlet? Maybe check in box for wires near fan. See If moving or jiggling them changes the hum w/ the game playing. Is the controller the culprit? Just basic stuff is all I got.
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