Question Bypass headphone jack on Pioneer SX-316 audio receiver

Mar 4, 2019
Ok guys, I know this is THE PLACE so here it goes. I have a Pioneer SX-316 Audio Receiver I use in my computer room/ DRUM PRACTICE room. I play cd's thru a Sony cd/dvd DVP-NS55P player. When I want to play my acoustic drum kit along with the cd's I'd like to be able to hook my drum monitor which is next to me up and play the music also thru it. Any suggestions?
If your drum monitor is self powered then you can connect a speaker to line level converter in parallel with the front speakers output of the receiver and connect its' output to the drum monitor.
If it's passive then it isn't won't have stereo inputs so you could only connect it to one channel which would be imbalanced so I wouldn't do that.
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