C55 satelite not booting


Sep 15, 2016
c55-A5105 wont install windows 7 after formatting hard drive [ Edited ]
‎09-05-2016 11:58 AM - edited ‎09-05-2016 12:51 PM

I have a C55-A5105 Satelite laptop that i formatted the hard drive due to a failed windows instalation . I wanted a clean install of windows 7 but now it gets to "press any key to boot from cd/ dvd" and then locks up.
I live in Australia and toshiba australia can help me fix it as it is a US model
They did say to go into the BIOS and change some settings but one setting isnt there something about CSM
So how do i get it to load windows 7 if the hard drive has been formatted.
I have no recovery disk either
If i cant fix this laptop all it is is scrap
If toshiba have put some sort of lock on it i need it removed
email me if you can help
[don't post your email on the forum]
And please remember i am in AUSTRALIA and cant ring the tech line


Hi there Gundyguy,

I assume you have no important data stored on the drive. Is this the case?

Have you adjusted the boot order in BIOS? You need to set your OS CD to be the first boot option.
After that, you can repartition and reformat the drive, before the installation process.

Once you are in Windows setup:
- shift+F10 to bring up the command line.
- diskpart [enter]
- list disk [enter]
- select drive [number] [enter]
- clean all [enter]
- create partition primary [enter]
- select partition 1 [enter]
- active [enter]
- format fs=ntfs [enter]
- assign [enter]
- exit [enter]
- exit [enter]

Hope this will help,
D_Know_WD :)


Sep 15, 2016
Sorry not that easy
when i put in the installation cd it goes to "press any key to boot" and then it locks up
The hard drive was formatted or Cleaned and now nothing happens
Cant load anything
Took it to a Computer service place and they were baffled why it was doing this
Toshiba Australia cant help as it is a US model
Toshiba US only has phone numbers and no email contacts
So this laptop that was fine now does nothing and no one seems to be able to fix it