#c64friends chat tonight, July 16



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Hello, C= and Ami friends,
#c64friends on /server irc.eskimo.com will officially start at 8 p.m.
EDT (5 p.m. PDT, 01:00 for our U.K. c64friends, 02:00 in the rest of Western
Europe) this Saturday. If that server doesn't work, we will use /server
irc.aohell.org You can come before and/or after the official hours and
chat with whomever is there.
To get a log of the past weeks' chats and/or to connect to
#c64friends at the website, go to http://www.geocities.com/c64friends ,
click on "CHAT NOW", and type in /join #c64friends Change your screen name
by typing in /nick yournewname
Last week the topics of discussion on #c64friends included such things
as C= mascots, term programs, BBS's, Jim Brain's C= haul, CommVEx, and
hardware modifications.

Robert Bernardo
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The Other Group of Amigoids