Camera for long videos in decent quality


Nov 26, 2013
Dear wonderful members of this forum,

I'm don't know much about video and camera. I only want to record long videos which is a crisp and beautiful to watch.

Would you please help me with your expertise, and suggest a camera/cameras for these uses? :)

- Long, continious video recording (1 hour or more).

- Video recording in 720p or 1080p, as long as it is good and generally accepted as satisfying to the publics eye.

- Ability to take decent photos is cool, but not required.

- No need for wireless/WiFi/blutooth/whatever stuff. As long as I can turn off the wireless stuff, it's fine :)

- An affordable price is prefered, cheap and good = home run! No more than $500 (preferably lower <3 ).

- For some reason, I'd like a Canon, but you definitely know more about cameras than me :)

I don't care if it's considered a video camera, a digital camera og a compact camera.

THank you so much in advance!
I really appreciate it :love:


If it's Canon you like then you might want to consider the Canon VIXIA HF R400 Full HD Camcorder ($199 @ B&H Photo - until Nov. 27 and $199 on Amazon -

For less than $100 more and still under $300 you might consider the Canon 8GB VIXIA HF R40 Full HD Camcorder ($279 @ B&H - and on Amazon for $279 -


Nov 26, 2013

Wow! Thank you :D

If not Canon, is there any other camera that you would recommend? And preferably without touch, but just buttons, and such :D


Finding one that doesn't use a touch screen may be a bit of a challenge. The ones below have an LCD screen but the screen is not a touch screen.

There are some like the Samsung HMX-F90 HD Camcorder ( It does not have a touch screen and shoots in 720p.
There is also the Kodak Zi12 Playfull Dual Camcorder which does not have a touchscreen and does shoot 1080p (

Others without a touchscreen:
Panasonic HC-V10 High Definition Camcorder (720p)
Sony HDR-CX220 HD Handycam Camcorder (1080p)
Panasonic 16GB HC-V100M HD Camcorder (1080p)
Sony's 8GB HDR-CX230 60p HD Handycam (1080p)
Panasonic HC-V520 Live Streaming HD Camcorder (1080p)

You may be able to find other but that's the best I can do at the moment. It, at least, gives you a few to consider.
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