Camera & Laptop Computer Choice


Jun 18, 2009
First visit.
Trying to narrow down choices for a DSLR and Laptop suitable for a photojournalism course. The school has provided specs and examples. After reading a camera review column here, and the subsequent commentary from readers, I thought that there were some very savvy people out there who know their cameras and might offer useful advice stemming from their experiences.
Camera options are narrowed down to Canon or Nikon due to range of goods offered. Some have recommended Canons 5D Mark ll, but that stretches the budget. We note the Nikon D90 seems well thought of, and think maybe it would suit fine (it's on the school's list). We also figure it may be best to splurge more on lenses, etc.
I wonder if anyone has used some of these online sales sites i.e. here on Toms- "Nikon D90, just $520.00" - "D700 for $650.00". They seem to beat the heck out of store pricing. Are they for real?
As to the computer choice, it has us in a quandary. We earlier purchased a used 13" Macbook, thinking it would suffice, as some said Mac was the better way to go when working with high level Photoshop programs. New and more demanding specs provided by the school have us shopping again. Recent thoughts shared by Mac non-fans have us reconsidering. The course will require a computer capable of running Adobe's Creative Suite, as well as Microsofts Office. One consideration seems to be that the video card should have dedicated memory rather than shared RAM.
My child (the future student) enjoys the 'antiquated' Macbook, but I think it will be turned over to us, so all options are open. We welcome comments from anyone who has been down this road.


Mar 17, 2006
5D Mark II compete with D700 both have full frame sensor and both are the cheapest full framed body aside from the original 5D. While the Nikon D300 is should be the lowest to have for pro use. D90 is nice but you'll outgrow the camera quickly and end up replacing it once you figure things out especially for your application. But still it’s not the camera used that takes good pictures but the person who’s taking them, the camera is just an extension of your ability to do it. Lens usually last longer to keep than the camera.

While Mac users will recommend Mac computer, Most PC will recommend Microsoft base system. I think choosing a computer is more personal choice. Remember a Mac components is the same components type that PC uses but cost less.

Asus and Toshiba laptops are good and my first choice for travelling. Fujitsu and Toshiba are also known for corporate use for their durability. Sony resembles Mac but with more features, and I know 3 person uses HP computers 3 different models have complained about heat issue and 2 of that I’ve fix as hard drive went first. I can’t say about their newest models though.

If you chose a PC -- I’d recommend Windows 64 bit and no less than 4 gig of RAM for Adobe Photoshop, this will utilise the new PC capability. If you chose Mac; know what hardware comes with it what are offer as bundles because adding it later on could be pricy.


Jul 17, 2009
As for camera you might consider cheaper EOS 500D and put more money do lenses. Chepaer camera + more expensive lense creates better results.

About computer - I too sometimes hear that mac is a must have when it comes to graphics and stuff. Sometimes I have asked WHY? I haven't got good answer:) For a long time pc-s are actually faster because you can put more memory in them for your money. Go for PC!
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