Question Camera to take to Madagascar

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Mar 13, 2019
Good Evening All,
I am going to Madagascar in September and want to purchase a new camera to capture images of the wildlife and scenery. I dont know a lot about photography so want to purchase the camera soon so I can learn! Can you help recommend a camera, what im hoping for is:
  • really good zoom to capture lemurs high up in the trees
  • Good sensor size / good image quality
  • Flip screen to capture images in funny positions without having to lay on the floor etc!
  • good in low light
  • assistance capturing moving objects (i tested a couple in the shop that seem to have a autofocus that locks on the subject)
  • ability to take macro shots
  • all for around £500!
Can anyone suggest something that has most of these items?


Sep 25, 2018
I own a Canon Powershot SX10IS and it is REALLY good at zooming in on things. The photo quality is very good, you have a super macro option and a normal macro, you have a flash for low light (you can manually change exposure, ISO etc), and I don't think there is a autofocus. It has a flip screen which you can rotate inward and outward, and it requires 4 AA batteries (this might be useful so you can just buy batteries anywhere you want and not have to charge the thing, and you can take batteries with you for emergency purposes), but it does not have a removable lens. It has a film mode but the quality of the recording is maximum 480p. I bought it used from a bird photographer so I'm pretty sure he was able to capture moving objects. Price is $284.97 on Amazon.
Some demonstrations of the zoom:

Jun 10, 2019
Invest in an Entry level DSLR camera, with an 18-55mm kit lens for the landscapes and 55-250 mm for the telephoto range to photograph the lemurs and other wildlife. I think you will get this in your £500 budget. If you have more budget then consider 70-300mm instead of 55-250mm. Hope, this helps
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