Question How to choose a phone for "longevity"?


Oct 25, 2014
So here is the thing:
-How do I evaluate a smartphone based on its "longevity"?

-I've had this same Moto X2 for almost 5 years now, and I plan on buying a new smartphone in May-Jun. I've separated around 350 US$ for the purchase, but I'm having a hard time learning how exactly to choose a phone that fits my needs. In simple terms, I want a phone that is able to last at least 4-5 years, and I'm not talking about "durability" since I tend to take really good care of my phones (I never drop them, etc.). I'm talking about having a phone that is still functioning well in 4-5 years and not extremely slow or with a battery that lasts only 5 hours on little to no use. I really don't need a powerhouse-type phone either since I will mainly use it for whatsapp, facebook, emails, internet browsing, uber, reading pdfs and watching youtube or twitch here and there. I don't even use my camera that much. Probably the weirdest/most demanding thing I wished my phone could do would be to plug it on my tv by HDMI somehow.

So... 350 US$ focusing more on longevity than on performance. How do I evaluate my options with this goal in mind?


Rule of thumb, the higher end the phone is the sturdier it should be and the longer it will be supported and be able to run more demanding programs.

Battery life you can't do much with, as batteries age they drop in max charge.

Depends on your plan, you can upgrade for your 350 budget to a pretty good phone, say a Samsung S8, S9, Moto X4, iPhone 8 probably. I used a BestBuy sale to add a Moto X4 to my account for about $12 a month for 2 years.
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