Need help on picking a camera for Distant scenery photo taking


Sep 23, 2017
Hey Guys, I have recently come up with a plan of travelling and visiting famous mountains around the world and would like to purchase a camera to take photos for each mountain I set foot on... I have never learnt any knowledge about photographing and the only devices I have used for photoing so far is smart phone ( lol )...

Could anyone please suggests me a good camera??? I am looking for a camera meets the following requirements:

-Price not exceed $2000 AUD
-Suits for distant scenery (As I will take photos on Mountains for the viewings of course.)
-Easy to use. (I am not very good at computer and rather not to do any further work after the photos are taken. e.g. PhotoShop)
-Good mobility (Don't feel like to carry a big/heavy camera when climbing).

Really appreciate for any good suggestion!!!
Mar 19, 2018
It's not the camera, it's the lens.
Every proper dSLR camera made today, and most all of the micro 4/3rds ones, are more than you will ever be able to use. You want a long lens.
Now, having said that, go to a local camera shop, or best buy or something, and hold/test out each camera. The one that feels best in your hands will be the one you will go to always.
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