Can a windows 10 pre-installed laptops/tablets be downgraded to windows 8.1?


Mar 8, 2016
I have no choice, everything from the store is pre-installed with Windows 10 cough*Spyware edition*cough
Wanting to downgrade from windows 10 for obvious reasons...



Going to 8.1 doesn't fix that.


Jan 6, 2009
Why can't you just uninstall the windows apps like media center and install things like VLC player and Waterfox and disable internet access in apps that are unwanted? Maybe install avg or avgast and not use the microsoft antivirus too. I wouldn't ditch windows 10.

With billions of windows users it would be impossible to sort through that amount of data.

Ultimately unless you go offline, there is no way to stay clear of the far reaches of google and others.
That has nothing to do with Microsoft. Even if you use linux or apple's os you can't run and hide from them.

Sometimes you have to make a judgment call, so i would side with someone like Bill Gates before some others.

Your sorta stuck trusting "them", just to make this forum question here on Tom's, it went via the internet and of course google at some point.

These songs predate the internet, photo radar, red light cams, and gps.

someone's watching me rockwell vynl

The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky Full Album Vinyl

Ortofon cartrige vs. audio technica

The Alan Parsons Project - SIRIUS & EYE IN THE SKY (Vinyl)


Jan 6, 2009
I didn't downvote it, i don't know who did. I am just saying this is not a new thing where people fear being watched. Often it's best to chill out, most people would be fairly boring to watch.




Oh, I know it wasn't you...:)
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