Can an Acer Aspire one ZG5 be a Youtube machine ?


Mar 11, 2010
I have an Acer Aspire one ZG5 (Atom N270 CPU, 1.6G Hz, 1G Ram and 8G SSD, I can add external SD card for more data) running WINXP SP3. It is too slow for any normal work in today's standard. I like to make it into a Youtube machine for the kids to watch cartoons from Youtube. I have a 24 inch monitor plug into its VGA output connector so that they do not have to watch it on the small 10" screen. I use Firefox browser to go to when the netbook start up. The initial startup (from power on to is terribly slow (more than 5 minutes) . Once it is started, the cartoon seems to be playing smoothly.
Before I spend a lot of time on trying to get WINXP to startup faster, can anyone tell me if what I am doing is reasonable for the netbook with such limited resources?
I did some searching on google, Someone seems to get better performance with Archone linux. But one of the main requirement is to connect the external 24" monitor (no hdmi in) which WINXP can do with no problem. Can Archone Linux support that ?
I actually had tried to install Android x386 on it. It starts faster and I can also use the Youtube App. But I cannot get the 24" monitor connected to the VGA connector to work. I am not sure if ANdroid supports extended Monitor. So I fall back to WINXP.


Mar 11, 2010

Agree. However the max the ZG5 can support is 1.5G. I am not sure how much I can gain by spending the money on the additional 512M.
Depending on that, and any additional storage, it may well be better to just purchase a new device. However, using it just for youtube may work. As long as nothing else is running in the background, and the device is cleared off (history, cache, etc.) often.
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