Can anyone help with a Turtle Beach Headset?


Jul 23, 2016
Hey guys, so I recently bought the Turtle Beach Recon 50x Headset and I'm already having problems. It has one jack, and so does my laptop. So I plug it in and I can only hear audio, but no one can hear me from the microphone. I did a bit of research online and I read that I would need an audio splitter. I bought one but the audio splitter needs two jacks to work, and my laptop only has one. I need help as soon as possible. Anything help is appreciated, thanks in advance!



Jun 21, 2015
Well my labtop also has only 1 audio jack and most do which means its a combo if you look at the microphone it alines with the jack of the headset augh its hard to see but you need to put the mic in aligned with the notch so that the microphone is in sturdy i had this problome to just look your microphone cable should have a index and the jack will have a notch so align those and then the mic willl stay in and it should work