Can I put Male RCA Jacks on both ends of Speaker Wire to connect my Subwoofer to my Reciever?


Aug 15, 2017
I recently decided to finish my basement. I wanted to have a decent home theater, with no wires showing. It is a 7.1 System - Receiver is a Pioneer VSX -30 and the speakers are Sonance. The Sonance subwoofer is powered and has a single RCA input. While I was waiting for the speakers to arrive, I needed to get the wires in before the drywall went on. I stupidly used 14 gauge speaker wires, EVEN FOR THE SUB. So now my wires are buried. Is there anyway i can put RCA male jacks on the speaker wires on both ends to make this work, or would that be yet another stupid idea as I would be confusing line level and speaker level wiring? I do have coax and hdmi buried as well if I could use either of those, although they are currently spoken for. Sorry to be such a novice. Thanks in advance.
If you have a line level coming from the amp to the powered sub that is fine, the only way to tell if this cable will work without picking up any interference, is to try it. RCA leads are shielded, and ordinary copper speaker wire is not.