Can I remove the Battery from a Toshiba Satellite E45T-B4300 ultrabook?


Sep 13, 2015
As you can see from this picture
the battery can be removed from this laptop by a few screws, but i don't know if the laptop would work properly with it removed.
Reasons i'm trying to do this, is first, i use the laptop mostly on AC so i don't use the battery much, second i play WAW and it get the cpu to 70c, which is acceptable to some extent, it's not dangerous for the components inside.. though when gaming, the computer gets hot, and i don't want that heat to affect the battery and decrease its life span.. so it is possible to work without the battery?


Jul 22, 2015
yes , every laptop will bypass the battery power when the AC adapter is connected so no worries, disconnect the battery, then connect the AC adapter and you'll be able to turn it on and play. Just make sure that nothing disconnects it otherwise the laptop will shutdown right away.


Sep 13, 2015

Thanks for your reply!

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