Can I use USB female socket as aux input

Jan 12, 2019
My home theater's aux input not working.but USB port is working.I want to connect TV to home theater.Output of the TV , connect to USB male socket and input to home theater's USB female socket, but it was not working.Can it work like so?

Phillip Corcoran

Usually, the USB port on a TV is for plugging in a pen drive or external HDD to view your photos on the TV screen, but your TV user manual should explain that in more detail. The TV USB port is not an output for TV sound, so what you're trying to do won't work as it cannot feed sound in to your HT. Doesn't your TV have a 3.5mm headphone socket? Or red & white RCA outputs?

As regards the USB port on your HT, it may not be an audio input anyway, so again it's not going to do what you want even if you use the correct output at the TV end -- you'll have to check the HT manual to find out what the USB is for.

The Paladin

Question from sumithraanchil : "USB ports to Aux"

Not likely one signal is digital the other is analogue.

what are you trying to achieve ?

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