can my laptop dell costro 14 (intel core i7 7500u 7th generation 8 GB ram and Intel hd graphics 620) handle gta v at any graph


Not very well. See link below for game benchmarks for the Intel HD 620. The laptop used to benchmark GTA V has a Core i7-7500u. Click the 22.8 FPS number to see some of the laptop's specs.

Here is a video of GTA V being played on a laptop with a Core i3-7100u and Intel HD 620 which has 12GB of RAM. It shows an average FPS similar to that of the i7-7500u and 8GB of RAM. But it did show that the Core i3-7100u was bottlenecking the game in that laptop. What would the FPS be if that laptop had an i7-7500u and 12GB of RAM? I don't know.

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