Can you install an HDMI splitter on a Surround Sound Receiver with one HDMI out?


Feb 25, 2016
My surround sound receiver (Sony BDV-E370) only has one hmdi out port. I have an XBox One, local satellite Tivo box, the Surround Receiver and the HDTV. I currently have the Receiver, Xbox, and Cable Box all connecting to the TV with seperate hdmi cables fished up the wall and back down to the TV. The receiver and cable box are connected via Digital Optical cable and had my Directv box connected via a digital coax cable but the new Tivo box doesn't have that so i have to switch the optical cable back and forth when i want to game with Surround Sound. Can i install an hdmi splitter (1x3) and hook it to the receiver and just put all of the other devices in the other side of the splitter? Any suggestions?
Since your Sony doesn't have any HDMI inputs you can't connect any of your sources to it.There are two ways you can set up your system
1. Add an HDMI input selector with audio extractor like this one.
Use the coax digital out to the Sony and you will get sound all your sources.
2. If your TV has ARC then you could connect them all to the TV via HDMI and use one of these