cannot connect to new router from my laptop whereas other devices in house can

Mar 24, 2018
Sorry if this has been posted before. I have just had a new broadband router (ASUS VDSL/ADSL Modem Router DSL-N16 Wireless-N300) provided by Origin. We have previously been connected to a mobile Vodaphone device without any problem.

After installing the router, I could (still can't) connect to the Origin router on my network list from my laptop (HP Pavilion running Windows 8). However My wife's Lenovo 2 in 1 computer and my phone can connect to it. I've tried restarting the router, my laptop, all with the same result....any ideas as to how to resolve this?
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Mar 25, 2018

It's a bout 4 years old but has never had any problem connecting to a network
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