Cannot plug computer speaker all the way into the headphone port


Oct 6, 2017
I have a brand new dell xps 13 laptop - top of the line model - and I have a number of problems. Two main ones right now:

1. I am unable to get to most webpages even though I'm clearly connected to the internet. I can get to google and some yahoo. Cannot connect to other websites like news sites, hotmail etc. Get page will not load. Also cannot connect to Dell website to troubleshoot or access customer support. I've rebooted many times router and laptop. Phone, tablet, and TV work fine. I have google fiber. Also, after rebooting, now screen shows large 'TEST MODE' overwritten.

2. Headphone port will not allow full insertion of computer speaker plug or headphone plug. Consequently, only one side has sound and very poorly at that.

This is an over $2k laptop and I'm quite frustrated with it. Received it yesterday.

Any ideas? Thanks!