Canon 70D auto focus


Jun 1, 2016
Hi, I really need your help. I recently switched from the 60d to the 70d (18-135mm) because I wanted a camera that had autofocus for my beauty videos. One problem, I cannot seem to find the "AF Operation" Screen. Also, my camera stays on One Shot (Picture mode AND Video mode) also, I am using the back monitor. I press Q button on the screen and it doesn't give me the "AI SERVO or AI FOCUS" options. Do I put the camera on a specific mode? (Video/Picture mode? Manual, AV, TV? I am trying to set my camera for autofocus for my videos so whenever I place a product in front of it, it can focus by itself and refocus on me whenever I put it down. The autofocus button on the lens is already switched on as well. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Thank you so so much!


Sep 10, 2014
Seems like you're mistaken on how to change the AF mode. Theres 2 ways to do that, you can either click the "AF" button on top of the camera, and the options will show up on the screen. The other way is to click "Q", and at the very top left you should see "AF" and a small square symbol. Simply click that and you should once again be given the AF options.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by its always on One Shot Mode. You can change that by clicking the "Drive" button on top of your camera, or by clicking "Q" then clicking the square box symbol.

As for the different modes I use Manual for my videos for more control over exposure, colour temperature, shutter speed, etc. For beauty videos I'd probably use the "FlexiZone - Multi" mode for a larger area of focus, but if you want facial tracking "+Tracking" is the way to go, but it cannot focus on objects.

I hope this answered your question, if you have any more feel free to ask me.
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