Oct 23, 2016
hello guys,
im using an asus n56vm laptop windows 7 64 bit. it had a problem with its graphics card from the day i bought it but i didnt bother to take to warranty. it used to come up with blue screen when i played games such as league of legends back in 2012,2013. sometimes i was able to play for 5 hours without blue screen, or as soon as i got in the game for the first time at that day. i couldn't really figure out what caused it. after updating drivers, i wasnt getting blue screens but the pc closed the game and said "The Nvidia 630M device is not removable and cannot be ejected or unplugged". after pressing ok and re opening the game, pc would freeze.
one of those days i got really mad and dropped the laptop from about 10 cm above the desk 3,4 times. i kept playing, watched some vidoes, nothing was wrong.
after that night, i saw that pc didnt turn off and the smart recovery was on, i did my breakfast and saw that it was still on the same step, i clicked cancel but it seemed like it freezed so i turned it off from the power button.

now i cant boot the pc. when i try to turn it on it keeps bringing the bios. we tried to windows 7 and 8 from a usb, today i found the recovery cd and tried to run it. after loading, i only see a mouse and a black screen.

i've read that its supposed to see hdd as first boot option but its not on the list.




so is it dead ? please help me guys.thanks.