Solved! Can't decide between Nvidia RTX 2060 with i5-9th gen or Nvidia GTX 1650 with i7-9th gen

Mar 12, 2020
So after a long search into gaming laptops, I have decided on HP omen-15t. It costs about £700 and there are multiple configurations. In my budget range, there are only two options- intel i5-9300H combined with Nvidia RTX 2060 and the other option is intel i7-9750H with GTX 1650.

I am a college student. I play games (regular gamer, but not a very heavy gamer, but would be nice to run modern games like Control, AC odyssey, Witcher 3 etc), but I also use my laptop for study (some resource heavy computations*).

Battery life, weight, thinness etc are almost similar in both laptops.

My main concern is that according to some reviews RTX 2060 (mobile) on laptops is not performing as well as it should and it is being outperformed by GTX 1070, 1080 etc. Of course, RTX 2060 is a lot better than GTX 1650, but if the reviews are right, then it feels like I am getting a bad deal.

And even though I am getting an i7 for the GTX 1650, I am not sure the graphics card will be able to deal with future games, if raytracing becomes popular and mainstream for future games.

[I will be purchasing the laptop from UK, but I can obtain it from other countries if necessary.]

So which one should I buy in your opinion?

* I run molecular modeling calculations, which can be run on both CPU and GPU.