Can't find audio driver for lenovo n100

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Jul 26, 2014
Hi all,
Hope that im post at the right section, and sorry for my not best English...
Im have a lenovo n 100 3000 laptop which i just perform a clean windows 7 install...
Im already found & install all the necessary drivers... Wired lan sd driver,chipset.....
But im cant find an audio and webcam driver.. The webcam driver is less important to me..
Already try;
Windows update
Lenovo site& they " auto drivers finder"
" driver robot "
Other (" little risky") sites...
Im try the
Sound max
Hd audio
Drivers, but nothing is compatible!!!!! The windows install generic driver, which identify just the digital " spdif out" driver, im cant hear anything from the built in speakers or by connecting external headphones or some analog audio to it...
Any tips / suggestions are will be great!
Thank you guys!!