Can't get PS4 working in surround sound


Aug 29, 2017
Ok so I've tried several ways to get this to work but I'm having no luck. First off I have a Panasonic SA-XH105 surround sound system and an older model Samsung TV mode number HLS6187WX/XAA. So the issue I am having is getting the surroundsound to work with the PlayStation4. I have an HDMI cable ran from the PS4 to the TV and an HDMI cable ran from the surround sound to the TV. I get sound coming from the TV when he PS4 is on but not brought the surround sound speakers. I tried all the settings in the PS4. The surround sound will only work when it's set in blue ray/DVD. I even purchased new audio cords (red/white/yellow) and hooked that up from the surround sound to the TV. Still no go. I was going to try the option of getting an optical audio cable and run that from the PlayStation4. The TV has an optical option in the back but the surround sound system doesn't. I just be wasting money and my time if I purchase one of those? I've tried so many options and I am out of ideas. I've been on Google so many times trying to figure this out and it's really irritating me. Any suggestions?
So you have an all-in-one dvd home theater system (and for these all-in-one means very little in one).
And you have an older DLP TV.

So first and foremost these dvd-surround systems are inexpensive but they are far from true surround systems and in a nut shell are not really designed to bring in other sources for surround sound. The input/output ability is pitiful and anything they dont provide outside of surround for the built in dvd/blu ray drive is "not their problem".

So your theater system supports HDMI ARC and analog audio as inputs, no support for SPDIF/Optical
Your TV does not support HMDI ARC, does have Optical and analog outputs.
PS4 has all 3.

So your only option with the equipment you have is RCA from TV to Home theater and set TV to use external speakers.
This sill strip away surround sound and drop it down to stereo. You may get 5 channel stereo or may just get sound out of front 2 speakers, cant say without having the "surround sound" system to test.

Long run your best option is to get a real surround sound receiver. For long term, you also far better off with separate receiver and speakers/subs then any combo box kit. With separate pieces you can mix and match and upgrade as wish, the separate pieces are designed for maximum compatibility with other items; vs the bare minimum yours is.
I got a great deal on my last 2 receivers (i have both of them, the 1st one did not die it works just fine) by gong into electronics store and getting an open box model from last year.
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