Question Can't watch video site


Dec 20, 2016
I like to use to watch movies. I think I changed something in my security settings on Chrome, or maybe on my Ausu settings. I went through them and everything is like it was so that is not the problem.
When I click on the icon I get this message
This site cannot be reached
Vidcloud's server could not be found.
I just used this site yesterday
What can I do to get the darn thing to open. This has happened before and I cleared my catche and everything worked, but that does not do it now.
It is more likely not a problem on your end, but a problem with the site.

It could be any number of things on their end. From not having paid their hosting company (easy to forget), to having technical issues with their site, to being banned due to their content. No way to know for sure on our end. But it is, again, likely them and not you.

You can always try clearing out your history, cache, etc., on your browser (just be sure you save all the stuff you want/need first, and reboot (power fully off and back on) the laptop to see if it is your browser. You can even try installing another browser to test it with, but I still think it is them and not you.
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