Car Headunit AUX Port + Bluetooth to AUX adapter

Jul 23, 2018
Hi there, my Lexus is having a 3.5 mm audio port in the dash and to add Bluetooth I've used one of those 3.5mm AUX to Bluetooth adapters (Picture provided below), it's working great for (only) streaming music from my phone to the car headunit... But I'm unable to use it for phone calls as it doesn't have a microphone.

So, Can I use an audio splitter to get two female 3.5mm ports out of my car headunit, Then use one of them for the audio adapter and attach an external mic to the other? is that possible?


Everything is possible but it often takes more $$, time, and end up looking like a Mad Max concoction.

There are BT adapter out there with headset for making phone calls available, why make things more complicated for yourself. Said adapters have Mic built-in or better a jack you can hook up a lapel Mic. There are out there and not that expensive.
Jul 23, 2018

That's a good point though, but those built in micrphones are always crappy. And also I guess installing a mic on the dash is a bit stylish for my lexus hahah (don't judge me please) :D

However. if you have a link for those adapters with mic out ports can you share it please?

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