Cheap-ish- tablet for college


Dec 23, 2012
This is my first time buying a tablet, but I've had experience with android based devices. Looking for something cheap to replace my heavy gaming laptop to class. Want It to be able to take notes ( I'll get a cheap keyboard) And most of my classes have online assignments. Main reason i want a tablet is because my laptop only has 2-3 hours of battery life at most and a lot of my classes don't have power outlets.
Side note: I used to borrow a friends tablet so i could use it for sheet music when i was playing the piano, and it worked wonderfully.

I don't care what screen size, although since I'm going cheap i won't have much of a choice.

I want to spend only 100-200 on this; so I'm not expecting wonders.

I've reviewed windows vs android tablets, but I'd prefer windows so i can use it with open office, and a few other windows based applications that I'm familiar with.

I don't care if it's refurbished/used. I just need it to last till may.

Thanks in advance.


Aug 22, 2014
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if you just want to buy the tablet at this price range ,cannot buy a good
brand . i last time bought one android phone from one website only 98usd.
working great .they also got windows tablets ,but i don't know if it is also great
to work .but you can check by yourself to decide on kingsbuying
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