Cheap Laptop for school, gaming and light photoediting


Aug 31, 2016
Need some help looking for the best laptop within the cheapest budget possible. I'm basically just looking for the price range I'm gonna need to be looking at for a good, relatively cheap laptop for school, gaming, and light photoediting, some suggestions and links would help a lot. I have no idea what price range I would have to be looking at for something thats gonna be good for these subjects. The school work will just be typing up some essays and putting together some slides. The gaming won't be super heavy stuff, but not really super light either. Heres some of the games I currently play: Minecraft, GMOD, and some FPS shooters like CoD and Overwatch. The photoediting will be very light. I just recently got into photography and am now experimenting with editing. I obviously don't know a lot yet, because I'm experimenting, so it will be very light stuff as of now. Like I said, some links would be great, and I really have no idea the price range for these specific criteria , so some guidance on that would be helpful. I would like to be keep it as cheap as possible. Preferable screen size is around 14-15 inches, I prefer Windows 10 over 8, but 7 is fine, by no means do I want windows 8, at all. Thanks in advance.


For your needs I would recommend spending at most £800 - £1000 as overwatch requires a gtx 660 to play the game well. If this is not a priority, then around £600 as the games you have mentioned are not very intensive.

At the low end an acer aspire e5 I think its called with a gt 840 or 940m should be enough for COD, Minecraft and GMOD. It will also be enough for light video editing if you can get an i5 ulv cpu (4 gen or later).

If you want to play at 60 fps at 1080p then the laptop that basroil is good.
The way to judge gaming is, gtx 960m if 60fps is needs at 1080p at med settings
970m if 60fps and high to ultra settings at 1080p
980m or newer like the 1070 for anything higher than 1080p at 60fps
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