Cheap vs expensive headphones


Mar 4, 2011
I am curious about the difference from some headphones and here are the main specs of them

I had the first ones for a while but my my friends dog chewed the cable so they are dead. They were dirt cheap, comfortable, good quality, durable and over the ears earcups.

1.A4Tech HS-800
Price: 11$
-20Hz - 20KHz
-97 dB
-32 ohms

2.Sennheiser HD 201
Price: 40$
-21Hz - 18KHz
-108 dB
-24 ohms

3.Razer Kraken Pro
Price: 106$
-20Hz - 20Khz
-32 ohms

The second and the third rise the price way to much for what they seem to offer compared to the first one. are some of the more expensive headphones worth it? Are there secret stats they don't tell about? I also used to own some Saitek and Plantronics headphones that costed triple the price of the first one and they had no better quality, no better comfort and were about the same.

Sorry if i didn't post in the right section


Apr 29, 2013
Those specs tell you absolutely nothing about the sound quality or signature.
You should look up reviews for each.

Sound signature is, for example, a pair of headphones having lots of bass, being neutral, or having emphasized treble. It can vary a lot, and people have different preferences, too.