Choice of gaming headset - Orion pro, Level 10 and Hyperx cloud


Dec 5, 2014
If you don't mind the extra cable, getting a headphones with modmic is almost always a better choice in term of sound quality.

Anyway out of the 3 I would choose the HyperX Cloud. Sound quality of the Thermaltake is really not that good. The Asus Orion Pro is something I have not tried before so I could not comment on that. The HyperX Cloud is a rebranded Audiophile grade headphone (QPAD QH-90, which ironically is a rebrand of Takstar Pro 80) that sounds really good.

Anyway the Plantronic suggested above is a good headset of its price range, especially now. Build quality wise I would choose the HyperX Cloud, I like aluminum more than plastic, the leather headband is a plus, there are not much headset with any leather part at that price range, not real leather at least.

Both headset have different sound signature, the Plantronic has heavier bass while having slightly off mid and high, the HyperX Cloud, however, even though it has better sound it needs a good sound card or an amplifier to unleash its full potential as it requires more power than usual headphones at that price range, 60 ohm vs 32 ohm of the Plantronic, or else the mid and high could sound muddy.
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