Choosing a Clevo/Sager Reseller (all costs and models being equal)


Jan 6, 2014
I've been researching my next laptop purchase for a few months and decided to choose a Clevo/Sager based laptop for the reputable reliability and performance as well as their acclaimed ease of support and use with linux operating systems. I've narrowed my search down to a small list of resellers offering the same models at the same prices with all of the same features I am interested in. For reference I'm considering Clevo W650SH and W650SR model laptops.

Power Notebooks
Reflex Notebook

So my obvious question is: how do I choose?

My first consideration was that the only deciding factor could be customer service so I did some research and all four companies came out quite well (aside from people having minor complaints about shipping), including near 10/10 reviews on ResellerRatings and esteemed recommendations from NotebookReview. The overall concensus seemed to be that majority of people dealing with customer service had great experiences and a choice would be purely personal.

I contacted Reflex Notebook by phone, they are a Canadian reseller and I live in Ontario, and they told me that they covered the shipping and sales tax. I also inquired about any additional stress-testing of parts and they told me that Sager (or Clevo, I can't remember which) stress-tests the parts at the factory, not extensively, but Reflex does not do any additional stress-testing.

This leads me to the other point I was considering (aside from customer service). I spoke to a company over the phone a month or two back called M-Tech Laptops who explained to me that they do extensive stress-testing on their machines after receiving the chassis and mobo from Clevo. This M-Tech laptop is comparable to the Sager models I was considering and seems to have higher performance specs at a slightly lower cost. In my research on M-Tech I've found that they are pretty highly reviewed and although some people suggest their customer service could be better, or is less than that of the 4 resellers mentioned, they all admit that the machines last and are high performing.

I wanted to avoid calling XoticPC, Power Notebooks and ProStar individually just to ask them if they do additional stress-testing, but I could not find that information on the internet. I was also wondering if there are some other factors to consider?

Menial price differences (a hundred bucks or so, give or take) are not the biggest concern for me (hence why I'm not jumping at Reflex), but, although I've seen many recommendations to avoid resellers in favor of builders, I did not find any builders (starting from Clevo mobos) with comparable models in my price range (similar units started at $1100-$1300 plus customizations). From what I understand, M-Tech is a builder and not a reseller. I think they might be my strongest consideration at the moment. I would be very interested in any additional advice or information anyone has on this brand.

So I'm looking for any key differences in the 4 resellers listed above, any cautions about dealing with M-Tech, and any other factors to consider between these companies (all costs being equal) other than customer service or additional stress testing? Thank you all for time and considerations.

Update: I ended up calling all 3 and found that XoticPC and Power Notebooks do no additional testing and, with the exception of special modifications, do not even receive the laptop between you and Sager. ProStar is not a reseller, but build custom laptops from Clevo barebones. They do their own stress-testing which I gather from my research is better than Sager's. Customer service from all 3 was exceptional, although Power Notebooks really stood out. I am still doing research so let me know what you guys think.


Dec 28, 2013
I bought my Clevo from PowerNotebooks, great communication from Donald and everything went very smooth, also as I was in the middle of college and needed the laptop fast without paying for faster delivery I received my laptop within 4 days of my order. I have never used the others so I cant say much about them except I have heard good things about them as well. I really dont see a problem with choosing any of the 3 xotic, powernotebooks or prostar (the others ive never heard of)
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