choosing the headphone's for gaming purposes mainly ( a bit for music )


Aug 28, 2014
Hello guys,

So i do own plantronics 788 so far,well they are decent i guess ( the stereo sound is crappy tbh , the surround is idk, perhaps okay) .
I'm looking right now at these -

and -

i know there's are almoust the same as hyper x cloud , but i it's cheaper like twice then those hyper x cloud's lol. these are where i live - 150 euros , lol really? f ck my country. i dont think its worth paying like extra 100 euros for these instead of takstar 2050. ( i'm gonna try those ad500x at local shop , glad i have a choice do to that,so i will compare vs my plantronics 788.) any other suggestions? I'm from Lithuania are prices here are somekind of meh,,, some of them are super expensive , BUT on amazon it's cheap as duck.So any other ideas what should i aim for?i'm looking for open headphones , with good soundstage.So any other ideas would be nice to hear ;) ty