Question Cloud Stinger microphone issue

Apr 14, 2020
I have the Cloud Stinger from HyperX, they are conected to my computer via a USB adapter that came with my previous headset the LogitechG430.
The audio of the Cloud Stinger works fine, but the microphone does not work. The pc still detects it as the LogitechG430.
I have conected the headset (Clouds) to other devises without the USB adapter and the microphone works just fine, but without the USB adapter i cant plug them in to my main computer. I dont want to go buy another adapter if its posibble.
Is there any chance the adapter is exclusive to the G430?


The USB adapter is a sound card, and the computer correctly identifies it as the model it is. Not sure why it would not work though since the mic and headphone outputs on the USB audio dongle should be standard 3.5mm jacks. Maybe there is a connection issue with the adapter and the headphones. Can you try another set with it?