Command Prompt error messages, System Restore not working, Windows 10


Feb 17, 2016
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I am having a really frustrating issue. I recently had a major malware problem. I did a clean up with Malwarebytes. The computer seemed free of malware, but was still running slowly. I thought about what to do, and before deciding to "refresh" or "reset" Windows 10, I tried to do a System Restore---and it would not execute after several tries. I also tried "sfc /scannow" in command prompt, and got the following error: "Windows Recourse Protection could not perform the scan. " I finally decided to "refresh" Windows 10. Everything seemed to be working fine after that, but then I started having problems with certain websites. They either fail to load, or give me "bad request" errors. Which brings me to this problem:

I have tried to use Command Prompt (running as administrator) to find/fix several issues: I am trying to flush my DNS cache to fix the "bad request" errors, using "ipconfig /flushdns" and I get a "could not execute request." I have also tried to run "sfc /scannow," and I get Windows Recourse Protection could not perform the scan." I did some research, and I made sure that both services associated with those tasks were running and set to manual...tried again, no luck! System Restore does not appear to be working either!

This is above my level of knowledge. Something is hampering Command Prompt and other repair tools.

In the meantime, is there any other way to flush the DNS server? I tried going into and right clicking on DNS client, but didn't see any obvious way to reset it.


P.S web pages are also "timing out" frequently across both my browsers. In fact, trying to sign up/in to Tom's Hardware, I got an "request timed out' error message and had to reload the page.

Paul NZ

Sep 15, 2014
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And what command did you use for system restore? rstrui.exe ?

Boot into safe mode / network. Get adwcleaner run it. Whatever it finds get it to delete it. Then reboot. Then run it again click on uninstall


Feb 17, 2016
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Argh! It times me out every time I try to reply! Grrrrrr..... O.K. One more time, and I will copy this in case it happens again. In answer to your question, I used the conventional Advanced Startup in Windows 10 to attempt a System Restore. I am merely an intermediate user, so my knowledge of commands is limited.

However, I booted into Safe Mode, opened CMD, typed "ipconfig /flushdns"...and got "could not execute," again. I then ran "sfc /scannow" and it worked in Safe Mode! The scan told me that there were "No integrity violations," so I'm not sure if I should run another malware/adware scan?

Also, I have quadruple checked that DNS client service is running, and it is--that is the only solution to the ipconfig /flushdns error message that I have so far come across, so I'm hitting a wall here.

At this point, I really want to figure out how to flush the DNS cache, or find some type of work around to reset it, to see if that solves my website "bad request," timing out, and failing to load problems. My YNAB (you need a budget) web app is either not loading, or asking me to update to the newest version every 5 minutes. As per requested by the YNAB trouble shooting team, I opened Dev. Options and clicked the console tab, where I found endless *error* reports. I was really hoping that clearing the DNS resolver cache would solve these issues!

I'm also curious to know why "sfc /scannow" will only work in Safe Mode and why I System Restore fails to complete...


UPDATE: Well, I did two things-- I went into Device Manager, and disabled and enabled my Network Adapters. I then disabled my virus protection AND windows firewall, tried various troublesome websites, same problem--then promptly turned them back on. However....I tried flushing the cache again......and it worked! I have no idea which action I took that finally enabled Command Prompt to be able to perform that action, but if you/someone has a guess, please let me know so I can file it for future reference!

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