Comparing an AMD A10 8750m vs i7 games intel 4600


Nov 21, 2013
I have a max budget of $650 which means i can get a Dell 15R I7 with intel 4600 or something like an AMD A10 with a dedicated GPU (2GB 8750M) (but unfortunately none of those are touchscreen), which would be better for someone that plays occasional games mostly older (Mount/Blade, Black Mesa, BF 3, but would like to be able to play some of the more recent shooters at least on lower settings. My wife is addicted to games like the Sims 3 but i think that should play on either machine.

I'm having trouble finding benchmarks to compare those 2 processors/GPU's, what do you think?
The Radeon HD 8750M is by far more powerful than the Intel HD 4600. BF3 is not that old of a game and you will likely need to play it with low graphic settings with the Intel HD 4600.

In comparison to desktop graphic cards, the Radeon HD 8750m's performance would be between the Radeon HD 5670 and HD 5750. Maybe as good as halfway between them; or roughly equal to the Radeon HD 6670. The Intel HD 4600 would be about equal to the Radoen HD 5570 and definitely slower than a Radeon HD 6570 which is kinda close to the Radeon HD 5670's performance.