Question Compatibility with different Refresh rate

Sep 2, 2023
Hey guys. I have Gigabyte Aorus 5 se4 144hz gaming laptop. Its screen has been damaged. So I want to replace it. My question is about refresh rate. I found A+ grade screen panel on a website. There are 3 options. 144,240 and 360Hz. My laptop is 144hz but if I buy the 240hz one, will it compatible with my PC? And is there any replacement video for lead me while changing the screen ?
Aug 19, 2023
how did you search the replacement LCD? did you compare it with part number of the LCD or just looked for LCD that are compatible with your laptop?
if you use a higher refresh rate LCD comparing to your laptop's compatibility, you may face tearing. but usually in windows there are options to adjust refresh rates.
So make sure you find the LCD using the part number on the LCD.
And why do you wanna use a 240Hz screen?